Tianyi Shi



Be-Food Packaging

Inspired by daily food waste, this tote is made 100% from banana peel waste. As designers, we took initiative in transforming our environment to a better place through responsible and insightful design. Collected banana peels came from cafeteria, and are later baked and cooked to form leather.


Our bag is:

100% biodegradable 


collected from existing waste

strong & durable 




The research started from observing the relationship between human, animals and environment. Below are sketch models that are inspired by nature organism and systems.  

By taking a closer look to the environment around me, i.e., a wetland (Tillinghast Farm)in Rhode Island, I was able to map out a digram of the diverse ecosystem of the area. Blue box indicates the input to the enviornment, and greens show the output. 


As an integrated design challenge, my partner and I decided to tackle the contemporary issue with food packing industry by replacing plastic ones with biomaterials. Our utensils are made from edible agar, and is entirely environmental-safe. 

To test out different recipe of biomaterials and their reaction, we conducted a series of performance test on bioplastic and banana peel leather. 

Final Family Product

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This project is collaborated with Eve Tong